Not Getting Jokes In Your Target Language? Try Jokes ABOUT That Language!!

Some people thought that my last post was pretty dim, when I actually wanted to give some optimism and hope to the community. So today I though about a video compilation post of my favorite comedy routines on language. PLEASE, if you have more share them with me in the comments, via twitter (@kantanda) or e-mail!


Japanese group Raamenzu on Americans learning about Japanese culture and language

Adam Hills on Australian accents (and other nations visiting Australia…)

Ken Tanaka & Remi February on fluent Japanese… without a word. (There’s a whole series on that)

Tomasz Woźniak does a pretend Japanese lesson in Polish

Hlynur group interprets Scandinavian dramas (with special attention to proper names) in Polish

Norwegian profanities explained by a Norwegian, Lasse Gjertsen

Our wonderful Eddie Izzard, executive transvestite, on learning languages (with special shout out to French)

Waldemar Malicki trying to encourage POlish speakers to learn German for its precision

Clip from behind the scenes of “The Misfits” featuring actor Iwan Rheon who is Welsh… and supposedly doesn’t speak British English 😀 (way funnier if you know the series)

Russell Peters is a Canadian born to immigrant parents and he has amazing routines on languages, accents and immigrants. This is one of them (on the Chinese, Indians, Jamaicans and Italians). Also search for the one on African names.

Classic, Monty Python on learning, or rather teaching, Italian

“Sh*t Japanese Students Say” – hilarious to anyone who had anything to do with Japanese students of English.

“Sh*t Gaijin Say” – by a different group, for all of you, who couldn’t quite enjoy the video above


“Bad Grammar” is a small collaboration between youtubers, parody of “The Way I Are” to make all the English teacher laugh their body parts off.

A song poking fun at English speakers learning Japanese

A Dutch guys sings in English in Chinese on the beauty of Chinglish

Not so much a comedy, but always makes me smile – best-known internet polyglots on Skyping:

Polish rapper Łona, mourning over the loss of diacritics in the Internet age, in a Polish song “ĄĘ”

Send more my way and I’ll link it here!


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