About Me + Contact

I’m Agnieszka Gorońska, most widely known as Mizuu, the owner of this site. You can read my story [in my first post].

To be more personal: I like crafting, fancy journals, I’m a bit geeky. I don’t watch many movies but I read a lot. I like to cook and try out new food.

One of my recent webcam shots looks like this:

If you would like to connect with me somehow, here’s how:

– via e-mail mizuuko [at] gmail.com – I love getting e-mails!
– via Google+ – [click for my profile]
– via Twitter – [clickety-click]
– via my personal, Polish weblog – […bo w ryj!]
– via my soup.io account – [it’s alive!]

And probably some more if you want to stalk me ;D


2 thoughts on “About Me + Contact

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